Tandem IVF Cycle (Egg Re-enforcement)

Tandem IVF Cycle (Egg Re-enforcement) is where the IVF treatment also includes donor eggs in addition to the female patient’s own eggs when their egg reserve has greatly reduced.

In the tandem IVF cycle, your eggs are collected just as in the normal IVF treatment.  At the same time, the chosen donor’s eggs are also collected.  Then, both groups of eggs are inseminated under laboratory conditions with the prospective father’s sperm.

If the embryos obtained from the eggs are healthy and of high quality then only your own embryos are transferred.  However, if the embryos are not healthy, then the embryos obtained with the back-up donor eggs are transferred.

The aim here is to enable you to become pregnant with your own eggs through the IVF method. However, due to the low egg reserve, donated eggs are inseminated at the same time as replacements if your own eggs do not become healthy embryos.