It is a scientifically proven truth that today, at least 50% of the infertility problems are caused by male related causes. Some of the factors that can seriously affect the chances of natural pregnancy and even the IVF duration are sperm count, quality of sperm, sperm motility or deficiency. The Microchip method can now largely eliminate these problems that can prevent pregnancy. The Microchip method is successfully implemented at our centre and continues to increase the chances of pregnancy.

What is Microchip?
Many different methods can be used to search for the sperm in cases of infertility due to low sperm count.  These methods, together with developing technologies, continue to result in more effective alternatives every day. These methods include special sperm separation technologies, such as Microchip, which help leave the other sperms behind, and increase the chances of success.  Healthy pregnancies and births can be obtained with this technology, even with sperm cells that have a very low chance of impregnating and do not even respond to microinjections.

As the Microchip technology is also being used to help increase the success rates of IVF treatments, it is applied to the sperm cells taken from the prospective father in laboratory conditions during the IVF treatment process.

The Microchip technology process consists of:

  • Separating the healthy and fast sperms from the less healthy sperms.
  • The microchips, also known as sperm chips, are made up of hormones that cause micro canals that ensure that only the highest quality sperms are chosen.  The body’s natural process is imitated with these sperm chips.
  • The sperms that have healthy DNA are collected on one side and unhealthy sperms with deformed DNA are collected on the other side.
  • The chance of pregnancy is then increased by eliminating the unhealthy sperms.
  • Due to the DNA of the embryo produced by sperms cells with good quality DNA also being healthy and strong, the probability that the embryo will attach to the prospective mother’s womb is higher resulting in an increased chance of pregnancy.