One of the greatest causes of infertility is azoospermia, which is seen in men and is where the male either has no sperms or his sperms have structural deformities.  Another problem that occurs is defined medically as retrograde ejaculation, where the sperms ejaculate the wrong way.

If the male experiences any of these problems, then they must begin the correct treatment as soon as possible, because in the future, when these problems are coupled with old age, it will become even more difficult for the couple to have a baby.  The Micro TESE/TESA method, used in cases of various sperm problems seen in men such as the inability to obtain healthy sperms, helps to achieve successful results regarding pregnancy.

Thanks to microscopic surgical operations called TESA or Micro TESE, healthy and high-quality sperms can be obtained from the testes tissues in males who do not have any healthy sperms in their semen.  TESA and Micro TESE procedures are successfully conducted at the Near East University IVF Centre.

How is the Micro TESE/TESA procedure conducted?
The male testis tissue is a fairly complicated structure.  This tissue has a structure that looks like it has thousands of small tubes and even if sperm does not ejaculate, the sperm production continues within these tubes.  Sperm production may not occur in every tube, as some of the tubes produce a lot and others do not produce any.  Due to this reason, the sperm must be collected from various places.

The TESA procedure, also called testicular epidydimal sperm aspiration/extraction, is a procedure where the sperms within the tissue are extracted through a needle entering the skin. If sperm cannot be obtained with the TESA procedure, then the micro TESE method is used.  The micro TESE method is where the sperms in the tubes are found under a microscope.  Samples taken from different areas of the testis tissue are examined and depending on the reason for this procedure, live sperm cells are found at a rate of 25-50%. Additionally, the chance of finding sperms with a small amount of testis tissue with this method is high.  Additionally, the Micro TESE method reduces the vein damage caused by a biopsy to a minimum.  It is possible for our specialist embryologists to easily find sperms in small samples.

It is possible to solve 70% of sperm-related problems with this method; however, causes due to genetic factors reduce the possibility of finding sperm.

After the Micro TESE Procedure

The Micro TESE procedure can be conducted under anaesthetic at the Near East University IVF Centre. Therefore, it is an operation that causes no pain or discomfort and is over within half an hour.  After the procedure, there is no need to rest for a long period of time or stay overnight in the hospital.  The patient can easily return to their daily life; however, they must be aware of a few points listed below:

  • They must not have sexual intercourse for 10-15 days after the procedure.
  • After the Micro TESE or TESA operations, the patient must not shower for at least 5 days.
  • They must not lift anything heavy or do intensive sports for at least 1 week.
  • If swelling, bleeding or irritation occurs in the area, you must contact your doctor.

In which situations must TESA or Micro TESE be conducted?

  • If there is a blockage in the sperm ducts or if these ducts do not exist from birth,
  • If sperm does not ejaculate due to genetic or hormonal reasons,
  • If the patient has been subjected to applications such as radiation or chemotherapy, which effect the sperm structure and production,
  • If the patient has had an infection such as mumps in their teenage or adult years and if they have taken medication that affects the sperm.