Embryo Freezing

Embryo freezing is the process of freezing the healthy embryos obtained in the IVF treatment that are not used.

More than one healthy embryo can be obtained from about 40% of couples that have IVF treatment. This rate is over 60% for young prospective mothers, although this rate can reduce as the egg reserve diminish with age. The healthy embryos left over after the embryo transfer procedure can be frozen and kept in the embryology laboratory in a cryopreservation room and at a later date, these embryos can be thawed out and used to achieve pregnancy.

It is important for the patient medically, financially and for their spiritual wellbeing to freeze the healthy embryos remaining after the embryo transfer and to use them for treatment in the near future.

When the embryo freezing is conducted correctly, this provides the couples who are being treated with an additional treatment opportunity and chance of achieving pregnancy. This reduces the total cost of treatment drastically. Also, treatments conducted with frozen-thawed embryos are a lot easier and the patient is relieved of the medication cost as high doses of hormone medication will not be required to enlarge the eggs.

The frozen embryos can be kept for many years without being damaged if frozen in the correct technique by experienced personnel at a centre where this is performed on a regular basis. The survival of rate of embryos that have been frozen in this way is 95%.

Success Rate in the Embryo Freezing Procedure

Firstly, the cryopreservation service provided at the centre which offers the treatment must be very good for the embryo freezing/thawing treatments to be used effectively. The technological substructure of this service is very important; however this substructure alone is not sufficient. The first step is the selection of quality embryos that will be frozen, then the method used during freezing must be selected, which will be implemented by specialists (embryologists). The number of patients who are given the chance to freeze their embryos is high at the Near East IVF Clinic and the chances of pregnancies obtained from frozen embryos are equivalent to treatments conducted with fresh embryos. Although many IVF centres provide the service of freezing and thawing embryos, the success rates of treatment differ significantly between centres. Due to the advanced technology used at our centre and the experienced specialist doctors, our success rates are above European standards.