Confidentiality and Security

The most frequently asked question in IVF treatment is ‘’will our embryos be mixed up?’’ The greatest fear of couples beginning treatment is the security of their embryos.

At Near East University IVF Centre, we alleviate all your concerns in this area with our technologically equipped laboratory and experienced staff who perform security controls at every stage of the treatment with a high level of organisation.

Our embryology laboratory has an automated system to which all our medical equipment is constantly connected and controls are conducted 24/7, and it also constantly monitors and optimises the air, moisture and temperature levels to create hygienic and suitable environmental conditions for the embryo to develop.

Individualised barcode systems applied to the materials used in the treatment ensures that the ID and address only belong to you.

Every step of the treatment is controlled by our regular internal tests that ensure the confidentiality and security system at our centre, and it is also regularly controlled by the TRNC Ministry of Health. We do not allow for user errors in the completely digitalised control process.

We are a part of your family; it is important that you focus purely on your dream, while the confidentiality and safety of that dream is under our protection…

Because it is our job to make your dreams come true…